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Earnest, accessible, and entertaining, Shelley can captivate large or small audiences from community, school, or classroom engagements to local, national, and international stages. Keynotes and single sessions are designed for events targeting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with a focus on disability. Shelley shares compelling stories of students, teachers, and families that take the audience on a journey about why teaching to everyone is essential. Her stories provokes thinking and leaves participants reflecting on and thinking about their own experiences and practices in education and beyond.

Shelley is a speaker that GRABS your attention! I kept asking myself, "But how will this look?" and imagining it to be impossible, but by the end of the workshop, I could see how to break it down and implement it from a group needs perspective. Thank you for this great insight!

- Workshop Participant


An Engaging Keynote Experience for
Your Educational Community

The Evolution of Inclusion

Calibrating our understanding of inclusion today is critical to inclusion’s success. This session guides participants through the evolution of inclusion over time through humour and real life stories.

Why Does it Matter to You?

In this session, Shelley shares her own story of inclusion as a student, and how her experiences have impacted her to do the work she does today. She connects her story to current understandings of inclusive education and reflects on how we all need to shift to increase inclusive access for students.

Designing for Diversity

How we understand inclusion is shifting. Rather than trying to include a few students who are different, we are striving to teach TO the difference. This session we will consider how we can integrate multiple inclusive frameworks that might guide collaborative teams to design for diversity, rather than retrofit for deficits.

Getting to Know Students from a Strength-Based Perspective

How can we respond to student needs without looking at their deficits? This session will look at individual and class dimensions that can be used for planning and advocacy from a positive and responsive perspective that reflects student identity and contribution.

Supporting One, Supporting All

The Inclusive planning process is aiming to situate Disability as an identity, not a deficit, and so to determine what supports and strategies students require, teams are shifting to look at needs, instead of disabilities, as a reference point. In this session we will connect to Universal Design for Learning principles and look at how we can plan for a student with a disability, in ways that can support many students in a classroom.

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